What I Ate in Waco

    March 16, 2019
    What I Ate in Waco - My Southern Sweet Tooth

    You guys… I’ve had one of the craziest spring breaks of my life this past week! Starting on Wednesday, I left school early and headed for Disney for a fun 6 days of staying up late, riding crazy roller coasters, and taking lots of cute pictures with my friends. I ate SO much junk food and was completely worn out from all of our excursions, including the 20 hour bus ride back to Texas. I literally slept for 12 hours after I got back home!

    Almost right after I got back from the Disney trip, my parents and I packed our bags for yet another road trip. We drove down to Waco and Houston to attend some college tours and explore the cities. I was especially eager to visit Baylor and my dream school, Rice University. Getting a feel of what the intellectual/social lives of those colleges are like was so much fun!

    Today, I’m going to be sharing all of the places we stopped at on our trip to Waco. Even though it’s a small town, we were still able to find a bunch of yummy restaurants in the area. If you’re ever in need of a couple restaurant recommendations, I hope this food guide helps you find at least a couple places to stop at for some good food!

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