Coconut Lime Granola Muffins

    July 10, 2017
    Coconut Lime Granola Muffins - My Southern Sweet Tooth

    You guys… this is by far one of the most genius recipes I’ve come up with. Just imagine: key lime pie, crunchy granola, and a sweet, fluffy muffin. That’s basically what these coconut lime granola muffins are: a key-lime pie, transformed into muffin form, topped with crunchy coconut granola and packed with summery, citrusy flavors.Best part? They’re health-ified and gluten free.

    They can be a quick, grab-and-go breakfast, afternoon snack, or even dessert! Hey, I’d even eat them for dinner. Not kidding, these are that good.

    Oh! And I’m bringing back the good ol’ recipe videos (woo-hoo!) I’m really really trying to be consistent with these, seriously. Even though I haven’t even attempted to make another one since my carrot cake bread post back in April, one of my goals this summer was to make more videos. Summer’s over half way over and this is the first one I’ve made😂 It’s all about the baby steps, I guess. Enjoy!

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