Hey, I’m Ashley! I’m just your average dessert-loving food blogger with an obsession with making food (mostly sweets). I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my little corner of the internet. Outside of the hectic things life throws at me, cooking and baking has become so much more than just a hobby, and more of a essential part of life for me! Although I’m passionate about sweets and desserts, I can be a kind of annoying health nut (some of my friends get so annoyed at me because of this!) You should see me scouring the isles of Whole Food’s in search of the simple words “organic”, and refusing to buy anything that reads “conventional.”

I started my food blog because, as y’all can probably tell, I’m love to bake. I instantly de-stress when I crack an egg or whisk together some butter and sugar. Yes, it could be fattening and potentially cause you to gain several pounds, and yes, your cookies might burn and your cake might be crumbly, but who cares? It’s been such a creative outlet for me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve read blogs and scrolled through Pinterest and Instagram, and realized that there are other people with the same interests as me that channel their passions through photography and writing. That’s when I thought, why can’t I do the same? And my thought immediately afterwards was, why the heck not? So I did a bunch of researching and digging around and My Southern Sweet Tooth was born.

On My Southern Sweet Tooth, expect to see so much more than just a bunch of words, pictures, and a recipe card thrown together in a post. This blog is so much more to me than a mumble jumble of words, but a way of expressing the things I am passionate about to my readers. If you’re having a bad day, or maybe just feel a little bit down in the dumps, I hope you’ll come right over here and scroll through the many pictures of food I have on MSST and feel a little better. Or maybe you’re just bored in class, need something to make for a last minute get together, or if you feel the urge to treat yourself with something delicious. Trust me, I get that feeling all the time :)

I am going to start incorporating more to my blog including travel and lifestyle, and I’m so thrilled to see where that takes me. I enjoy sharing the highlights and exciting moments in my life, even outside of the kitchen. I really hope y’all are excited for them because I can’t wait.