Current Kitchen Favorites

When I’m making food, trying to get organized in the kitchen, or even just trying to take cute pictures, I’m always looking for ways to be more convenient. Right here I’ve thrown together a few of my current kitchen favorites for y’all to look at. Although some of the appliances are on the more costly side (like the Vitamix blender and Kitchen Aid stand mixer), they are extremely useful and are things you might want to ask for on Christmas or for your Birthday. They’re also things worth splurging on :)

The cake stand I have listed and the marble rolling pin are two super pretty items that are obviously nothing like the more practical appliances, but they’re just really cute and I love having things like that in my kitchen. There are also probably alternatives if you dig around the internet that are the same quality but a lot less expensive. But I thought I would just give y’all some ideas!

(PS. I’ll be updating this every month or so in addition to my monthly favorites. It might not change that much because some of these are probably going to be hanging out in my kitchen for a while)