How To Brunch (Easter 2017)

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter Sunday, y’all! Aside from the fact that it started drizzling right after I got all of the food set up, I really hope y’all are having a wonderful day. I hope you’re spending this Sunday with your family and remembering what Easter is truly about, and not just decorating Easter eggs and posting about it on social media. Planning events is pretty challenging, especially Easter festivities. That’s why today I’m sharing the steps I took in the tedious preparations of putting together a successful Sunday brunch! Enjoy!

Step 1: preparation & inspiration (a week/a couple days ahead of time)

Make a Pinterest board and go pin-crazy (the board I made for today is linked here), before you even begin making food or gathering your menu. I pinned things like printouts, quotes, layouts, and anything else that I thought would help or inspire me. I ended up using this ADORABLE alphabet banner printout from 100 Directions for the “Happy Easter” banner!

After you’re done pinning, start gathering all the decorations you’ll be needing for brunch (including any DIYs). That way, after you’re done making all the food, setting everything up’ll be so much easier. For Easter this year, I went for a light, cute/whimsical, simple theme. So the white labels wouldn’t get so washed out, I chose an off-white tablecloth underneath all the food. I made my food labels ahead of time on the back of some index cards, but you could also print them out from online (I’m obsessed with these).

Then, start gathering your menu, which all depends on what you’re celebrating. For this particular course, I like including eggs, meat, fruit, bread, and something sweet. The menu I create is here:

Since it was just me and my parents, I didn’t make a ton of food. It was just something nice for a special occasion!

Step 2: preparation part two (the day before)

This is where you prepare all the veggies/fruits you’re going to use. For my frittata, I chopped my veggies up and placed them into a plastic container. I also made my homemade granola and my hot cross buns on Saturday. This all depends on what food you’re preparing. Feel free to use the menu I included above for inspiration, if any of y’all are planning to host a simple brunch anytime soon!

Step 3: set up (a couple hours before)

This is where you begin setting up the table. I laid down the tablecloth, and placed the table accents on either ends of the table. Then, my dad helped me hang up he “Happy Easter” banner, and set out my food labels, tape, and scissors for later. I did everything I could before I brought the food out, so it wouldn’t get cold.

Step 4: making the food

This step is pretty self explanatory. I heated up my bread, cooked my sausage, and put together my frittata (thanks to my meal prepping the day before, it was super simple!). While that was happening, I put my fruits and yogurt into separate containers, infused my water, and brewed my coffee. I brought all the food out at the very end as to prevent bugs from getting into all the brunchy goodness.

Step 5: finishing touches!

After all the food was brought out, I put out some plates and silverware. I decorated with some fairy lights, and called everyone outside! And then, of course, finally dug into the delicious meal.


Whew, that was a lot! I hope this will help y’all for any future brunches you might be planning (and who knows? Maybe you’re planning next year’s festivities already). Make sure to spend lots of time with your family in these last hours of Easter, and truly be grateful to those who sacrifice everything to make you the person you are!

glass pitcher | ampersand accent (in-stores only, similar) | fairy lights | cast iron skillet | coffee pot | white bowls

**The wooden bunny and the “hippity hoppity Easter” sign are both from TJMaxx, which I couldn’t find anywhere online! :(

Hope y’all had a great Easter!

Nutty Carrot Cake Bread
Tomato Soup (sundried tomatoes & turkey bacon)

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    I love the idea of a parfait bar! I’m going to have to try this the next time I host a brunch!

  • Reply Elizabeth April 18, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    Your Easter brunch is too cute! I’ll have to save this for next year and host a few friends to enjoy the holiday.

    xo, Elizabeth //

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