Road Trip Essentials

March 12, 2017

There’s nothing better than knowing it’s Sunday, and that there’s no school on Monday (at least for me). Also, there’s nothing that I love more than a good road trip. Even though it can get a little boring at some points, the scenic views are absolutely gorgeous. Going on a road tripg is probably one of my favorite ways to travel, so I thought I’d share some things that are essential on a long drive.


Road Trip Essentials - My Southern Sweet Tooth

1. Fruit

Eating fruit is so important on a long, tiring road trip. I don’t like eating junk food in the car because I always end up feeling nauseous afterwards. Because you’re cramped up in the same position for hours on end, it’s important to make your body feel good! I particularly love apples, but I also packed grapes and mangos.

Road Trip Essentials - My Southern Sweet Tooth

2. Something sweet

As mentioned before, I don’t like eating junk food. But, I also have a major sweet tooth and I don’t think I’d make it without a little sugar! My favorite snack are these crispy coconut rolls I got from Costco that are made with coconut and black sesame, and are completely vegetarian. I found these a couple weeks ago, and haven’t been able to stop eating them since!

Road Trip Essentials - My Southern Sweet Tooth

3. Granola

A healthy, grab-and-go snack that is super easy to pack the night before is granola. I have had this bag of blueberry pomegranate granola clusters (again, from Costco) for forever and road tripping is a great opportunity to try and finish it off. I love this product, but there’s just so much of it 😂 I usually go on trips with my family and a couple of family friends, and they always end up scarfing down the food that I bring.

Road Trip Essentials - My Southern Sweet Tooth

4. Nuts

Another grab-and-go snack I like to bring along are nuts. The ones pictured above are the mixed nuts from Kirkland’s Signature (yet another Costco brand! Can you tell that I’m kind of obsessed??), but I usually don’t like flavored nuts because they dry out my mouth really fast.


Road Trip Essentials - My Southern Sweet Tooth

Here are some of the other products I love to bring on road trips (because you can’t just bring food). I like to keep my car decluttered because I’m always afraid of breaking or losing something. Also, I sleep a lot of the way, so

1. Fuzzy blanket – no matter when or where, my body will find a way to get cold. No matter if it’s 100 degrees outside, the AC in our car will manage to

2. S’well water bottle – ALWAYS BRING WATER. This is basically a given, because you’re obviously going to get super thirsty when you’re on the road and snacking on nuts and granola. It’s also a good idea to have a stock of water because when you’re venturing out in the middle of nowhere, you could be miles away from any gas station.

3. Sunglasses – honestly, I was just looking for an excuse to share these somewhere because they’re my latest addition in my sunglasses collection! I have so many it’s embarrassing. When I saw these in rose gold at Francesca’s, I couldn’t resist. They’re so cute and I’ve been wearing them as much as I can!

4. iPhone + earbuds – I take these everywhere I go, so it’s a no-brainer (google maps, Instagram, Snapchat, the camera, etc.)

5. Infinite Aloe skin care set – my hands get dry, and crack and bleed all the time. When I’m on the road and I sometimes forget to drink water, my skin will completely dry out. Infinite Aloe is one of the only brands that sell moisturizer that actually works.

6. A good book – I haven’t read a book that I’ve legitimately liked since last summer, which is sad because I used to love reading! That’s why I was thrilled when Victoria Aveyard came out with her third installment of the Red Queen series! I loved the first and second book and I couldn’t wait to read the third.


Road Trip Essentials - My Southern Sweet Tooth

Old Navy cardigan | Altar’d State tank top (sold out), similar here | shorts | sunglasses | converse (not pictured)

I’m actually going on a road trip in a couple days, so I will definitely be using this post to help me prepare for the road trip (that post is linked here) I’ll see y’all next time :)

I hope y’all are having a fabulous spring break so far!

 xx, Ashley

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