Classic Tableside Guacamole

Classic Tableside Guacamole | My Southern Sweet Tooth

It’s hard to believe that May is already here… like whaaaat?? Where did April go? I feel like I’ve said this at the end of every month, but 2017 is already moving so fast. Before we know it, summer will be here and I’ll be sitting outside, in 100 degree weather, eating a big slice of bright red watermelon. I can’t wait! The first “official” day of summer is sometime in June, but here in Texas it’s going to feel like it a whole lot sooner. But first, before I get ahead of myself, we have to make it through May. Obviously because Cinco de Mayo is in a couple days, it’s only fitting that I share my classic tableside guacamole recipe with y’all!

One of my all-time favorite restaurants, Mi Dia From Scratch, serves this phenomenal tableside guac. They add in all of the essential ingredients needed to make basic guacamole (onions, avocadoes, tomatoes, etc.), but they throw in sundried tomatoes, bacon, and a whole bunch of other genius add-ins. Although I didn’t add anything fancy this particular batch, I listed them in the recipe below. Feel free to give them a try!

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Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Lately, I’ve been getting ready faster in the morning so I’ll have time to make a nice breakfast for myself before I head off to school in the mornings. I’m really proud of myself for that because I used to not eat breakfast at all, and my stomach would growl during class! Embarrassing. Plus, I’d be super drowsy the entire day and almost inhale my food during lunchtime.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to eat breakfast, drink more water, and eat healthier in general. I’ve been having things like avocado toast, acai/smoothie bowls, breakfast burritos, and lots of fruit.

However, when the weekend rolls around, I’ll make something super fancy and savory – like this sweet potato hash! It’s packed with all sorts of deliciousness, like Italian sausage, onions, bell peppers, eggs, and the star of the show, sweet potato. It’s packed with all sorts of protein and nutritious vegetables, which is a perfect to start off your day!

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Pesto Gnocchi

First of all, I’d like to say that I am not an expert at the art of pasta making, at all. I just happened to have two leftover potatoes sitting in my fridge, so I thought, “why not make some gnocchi?” Life’s about being spontaneous, right? Anyways, I know this probably isn’t the traditional way of making gnocchi, pasta-wise and sauce-wise.

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Simple Shrimp Salad

I’ve been wanting to make my own salad for a really long time, because as good as salads from places like Whole Food’s are, nothing beats a good ol’ homemade salad. Yes, I know this is not my usual “sweets” kind of blog post, but after I threw together a salad a couple days ago, I couldn’t resist taking a couple pictures and share this with y’all.

What I love about salads is that you can customize it however you want to make it how you like it, and there are no exact measurements and ingredients needed to make it perfect. I just gathered up a few of my favorite salad toppings (shrimp, avocado, feta, etc.), and tossed it in a few of my favorite greens, along with a lemon salad dressing. You can switch out any of the ingredients that you don’t like. Like I said before, salads are versatile as well as a healthy way to satisfy any craving!

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